turn twist spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin fast spin spin faster push spin spin spin fall go down fuck life who … Continue reading

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In Wine All Is Good

White swans are lost Lost in a low tide with Their eyes focused Focused in an upward gaze while Their heavy feathers muddy so Muddy black and senile Are forcing … Continue reading

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Dear Poet

Dear Poet, let me tell you that Vintage makes life modern and, Mad Poet, it seems there will be no riot – Quotes, rhymes, smart lines, obsessions and lies let … Continue reading

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Leaders and My Affairs

Flattering words like berries densely overgrown by moss like the barracks around my dreams; I dive into seas of prose and lyrics, overwhelmed by the spirit of fiction I go … Continue reading

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Mayfly’s Comparison

The lifetime of a mayfly is a single day leading to eternity, while a single day for a man may be lost and ever forgotten Within seven days mayfly colonies … Continue reading

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Cut by Half

Remember how the morning was warm with its first hint of spring Under the sky unusually clear our smiles were wandering through streets with coffee scent uplifting the mood and … Continue reading

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Ade Adesina: “They will kill people if they can”

Soaked in Glasgow’s rain, I arrived at the Print Studio fifteen minutes too early for the interview with Ade Adesina and managed to catch the artist still working. His yellow … Continue reading

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Donna Shaw: “I am not really the one for fame.”

Donna Shaw, a 25-year-old up-and-coming textile designer, began her career as an artist when her grandfather, the only artistic person in the family, wanted to teach her how to draw … Continue reading

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Caffeine Rush

Heartbeat fast Nerves so high Senses tense Mind trembling Darkness surrounded I’m turning From side to side Blood veins jumping Thoughts in chaos Brain running Stars falling I’m still turning … Continue reading

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Derek Sim: Architecture Entwined

How did you discover your passion to create? From my earliest memories of being a child I have created and, most importantly, I have enjoyed creating. From making models of … Continue reading

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